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As he propels the grounds of immortality and fame, another anticipated production from the Swedish prodigy that is Avicii is emitted. Used frequently as a much-appreciated opener in his live sets lately, the mastermind hands out his rendition on Coldplay’s Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. The original track, that is still on the wait for the official release of the Swedish House Mafia remix, has seen wonders done on the global charts since its release in early June of this year thanks to the distinguished voice of lead singer Chris Martin and its catchy sounds. Now getting the prestigious Avicii treatment, the pop-rock foursome from London riddles their way further into electronic dance music – a path the PR representatives of global music industry tend to be utterly fond of choosing. Following his vital break-through in early 2010 along with the release of Bromance, House heads have witnessed the compassionate and massive rise of Avicii over the past 20 months, consistently fuelled by the releases of Fade Into Darkness, Sunshine, Blessed and the remixes on Drowning, Rapture, Hang With Me among many others. Also housing an immense amount of forthcoming smashes, including the vocal remix of Derezzed, Silhouettes and the yet to be released 2011 trademark, Levels, there seem to be no obstacles able to stop the exploding ascending Avicii in near future.

Not to be confused with ASH’s Gun single (fake-nicked as the Avicii remix of ‘Philter – Revolver’), the emotional instrumentals of the newest gem out from the Swede’s lab evoke euphoria and an instigating synth progression alongside the outstanding vocals that truly raised the desireness of the tune now being given away as a halloween treat!


Today is a big day for Swedish House producer Avicii, with a brand new preview of his Coldplay remix as well as an announcement which makes me wish I lived in New York, every time we hear about him he reaffirms his position as being the artist of the year. With every release topping world charts, who knows where this 22 year old star will stop.

On December 31st Avicii will be headlining his own show in New York City to celebrate New Years Eve. Just to show you how dedicated his fans are, 2 hours after the tickets went on sale, the site overloaded. Now if you are living in that area hurry up and get your ticket before it sells out.


We’re all strongly familiar with the tremendous Swedish House Mafia remix on Coldplay’s essential 2011 contender, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, that was unveiled a few months back. As the pop-rock foursome from London just released the new Paradise single in anticipation for the release of Coldplay’s fifth studio album on October 24th, we can hereby shed light on a sneak peak of the next club-adapted take on the highly-celebrated group. Courtesy of the floating of a certain live-recorded video from Fedde Le Grand himself test-driving the new remix at Space, Ibiza a while back, the chord progression of the well-renowned Dutchman’s interpretition is leaving us eager in the wait for another uptempo remix on Coldplay as the Swede’s offering is yet to be released. Fedde, that is mainly recognized for being a firm headliner of countless festival’s this year and the label head of one of the more successful release platform’s of 2011 – Flamingo, is the one responsible for some of 2011’s most peerless single anthem’s – Autosave, Running, Metrum and So Much Love included. Also having the Freaky collaboration with Nicky Romero coming up and a couple of extraordinary remixes of Never Will Be Mine and Soundtracks and Comebacks behind him, the Utrecht-bred DJ and producer returns to remix one of this century’s most prestigious quartet, bringing out the sounds of electronic dance music to the global music scene again.

It certainly does seem Coldplay, or atleast their management, have a thing for the fist-pumping chords of ”house” and club music as not only are they bringing aboard both Swedish House Mafia and Fedde Le Grand to headline their unprecedented original’s into the history books, but also have announced the one and only Tiësto has laid his hands on his own package of remix stems for an official take. However, the first sample of Fedde Le Grand’s remix has now touched ground, not consisting of the regular characteristics of the Hollander but a more progressive catchiness to it. It’s set for release on October 17th via Toolroom Records, have a listen!

Official sample


Nicky Romero playing the track at Bootshaus in Köln, Germany