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Preview: Afrojack – ID

Most of Afrojack’s music has been kinda bleh lately.  He uses the same sounds, beats, and techniques over and over and it sounds like he’s just recycled these in different ways.  However, he just let out a preview of a brand new track (still with no name) that is pretty damn sweet.  It has a ridiculous build and a drop with an insane amount of energy.  Listen to the preview below…there is no release date yet but Afrojack announced that it will be out very soon.  Let us know what you think of it!

Afrojack – ID

Madeon has without a doubt made quite a name for himself this past year.  He’s only 17 years old and he plays in packed clubs where he isn’t even legal to drink.  Hailing from France, Madeon uses Daft Punk like sounds and techniques that leave us only contemplating the phenomenon that he’s become in the electro world.  If you havent found yourself aboard the Madeon train, you must act soon because he’s going to blow up any day now.  Literally every song he’s released is nothing short of amazing and he has that crazy good French electro-pop so down perfectly its almost hard to not like his style.  The video below previews his new song “Icarus” which, once again, sounds unbelievably good.  Oh and yes…he’s playing in NYC in two weeks (with Porter Robinson!!!)and tickets are only $35!  If you’re in the area, this is a must see show.  Dont forget to check out some other great tunes from Madeon below!  P.S. – his remix to the Alphabeat song is our favorite!  Enjoy


Madeon – Icarus