News: Tiësto & Hardwell’s Tribute to hometown Breda (Zero 76)
Tiësto & HardwellZero 76, one of the biggest tracks of the year has an original story behind its track title. Tiësto and Hardwell both hail from Breda, The Netherlands and the title ‘Zero 76‘ is a nod to their home town’s area code. This summer Hardwell played at the Dancetour event in ‘Zero 76‘ and as a thank you to all fans and proudness of his hometown, Hardwell releases this video with a little peak into the Hardwellstudio!

It’s clear to say Hardwell is having his global breakthrough in 2011, travelling all over the world for gigs and scoring hits like ‘Encoded‘ and his most recent single ‘The World‘. But his biggest track of the year must have been together with ‘greatest dj of all time’ Tiësto. Their collaboration “Zero 76” released beginning of 2011 is a monumental production, fusing each artists’ style to create a peaktime record standing out in every set!

As if their country couldn’t be any more proud of them, this co-production is as big as it gets. Zero 76 making the rounds at every club and festivals around the globe for months with a huge impact on the crowds! Charts success was there as well, being #1 at the overall Beatport chart for two weeks and hitting high in all dance charts worldwide. With that being said ‘Zero 76‘ is a sure contender for tune of 2011. ’Zero 76‘ is released on Tiësto’s imprint Musical Feeedom

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